Creep portal
The Creep Portal Block is a thin, transparent block that has a texture covered with creeper faces. Creep Portal Blocks cannot be obtained by crafting, mining, smelting or any other means without an inventory editor. The only way Creep Portal Blocks can be obtained in normal Survival is by activating a Creep Portal Frame with a Creepium Shard.


Creep Portal Blocks have no collision be stepped into. The instant a player steps into a Creep Portal, they will be transported to the Creep dimension. If it is the first time a player has teleported to the Creep for that world, the Creep will generate, and a spawn point will be created.


  • Creep Portal Blocks were originally just a block with a stretched out creeper-face!
  • Unlike the Nether Portal, which has a time delay, the Creep Portal teleports you to the Creep instantaneously.