Creepium Ore

Creepium Ore is an ore which can be found naturally in the Overworld. It is the one and only required resource you need in order to visit the Creep dimension. It is somewhat rarely found at or below level 35.

Creep PortalsEdit

This block is the basis for the Creep Portal's construction. It is built using Creepium Blocks and activated with a Creepium Shard. See those pages for more information.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Creepium shard smelting

Creepium Ore Smelting Recipe


  • Creepium Ore will not generate in the Creep dimension.
  • Creepium Ore will only generate at or below 35 block above bedrock.
  • Even though one of the fundamental parts of the Creep Mod, Creepium Ore was one of the last blocks added in before the official release.