Creepium shard

Creepium Shard

The Creepium Shard is a green, pointed item added into the Creep Mod for the purpose of crafting armor, tools and Creep Portals. It is obtained by smelting Creepium Ore in a furnace.


Creepium Shards are the 2nd tier of item durability in the Creep Mod, tougher than Creepwood and Creepstone, but slightly weaker than Arbitrium tools. It is the most versatile item in the entire mod, having more crafting recipes and serving more purposes than any other item in the mod.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Creepium block crafting

Creepium Block Crafting Recipe


  • Creepium Shards are the second item you should endeavour to obtain in this mod, after Creepium Ore.
  • Creepium Shards have a texture similar to that of a Creeper's hide.

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